As a Royal College board-certified dermatologist – a medical doctor (M.D.) further specialized in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of skin conditions – Dr. Beach has the skills and understanding, professional training, and artistic eye to provide you with stunning results. While there are various providers who may advertise services to improve your skin, assessment and care by her is simply Incomparable.

You want to look refreshed and refined. You, Optimized. You want to receive top-notch care, delivered with skill and safety.

At DermAtelier on Avenue, our goal is to achieve natural-looking outcomes that complement your unique beauty. We meet this goal by performing a variety of cosmetic dermatological treatments using proven technology and techniques to help you Elevate Your Skin™.

Man or Woman, Young or Mature, our cosmetic offerings are designed to help you look and feel your absolute best and to help restore your skin. Our treatments are backed by science and ethics.

At DermAtelier on Avenue, the goal is to match our expertise and excellence with effective results for you.



Chemical peel application is a cosmetic procedure performed to help encourage your skin to improve over a shorter period of time – for smoother texture, enhanced radiance, decreased acne, or evened pigmentation. A peel has active ingredients in it that are applied on the skin for short contact. 


  • An innovative facial system that incorporates microdermabrasion, hydrogen water infusion, microcurrent electrical stimulation (like a workout for your facial muscles!!), serum infusion (customized to your skin need/ skin concern), then electroporation to drive the serum deeper and boost lymphatic flow using the BelaMD system

  • It can be tailored to your skin needs (e.g. antioxidant protection; deep hydration; acne improvement; pigmentation improvement)

  • It feels like a spa facial but works like a medical treatment

It is a series of procedures meshed into one relaxing comprehensive facial experience.

  • Dry Microdermabrasion
  • Hydrogen water infusion
  • MENS Technology-Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation boosts circulation and gives a temporary lift appearance
  • Serum Infusion (exact serum to be determined based on your concern) – antioxidant protection; hydration; pigment-evening; acne-fighting
  • Electroporation to drive serum deeper
  • A customizable, comprehensive system of facial treatment that targets more than just skin – it helps with hydration, muscle toning, lymphatic flow 

  • Relaxing, feels like a spa treatment but with more targeted results using active ingredients and anti-oxidants

  • A single BelaMD session takes about 45 minutes. Please plan to be in the office for around 1 hour.
  • Generally having a series of 3 sessions helps to boost skin appearance.
  • Many patients opt for a series of 6 and will add in a session a week before an event or treat themselves throughout the year.
  • Yes! BelaMD can be used before Microneedling or PRP that stimulate collagen production, and can break up pigmentation.
  • Yes, you can. We will check in with you throughout the procedure to ensure your comfort, and we can customise and tweak the treatment flow settings for your taste and tolerance.
  • The BelaMD is customizable for use across all skin tones – even Dr Beach has had the treatment done!


What Clients Say

I was referred to a dermatologist because I had some suspicious looking moles I wanted to get checked out. I chose Dr. Beach at DermAtelier on Avenue because of the great reviews. It was definitely the right choice! Not only did Dr. Beach check me from head to toe, but she took the time to explain and name each mole which was super interesting. She was quick and to the point yet warm and compassionate. You can tell she’s top in her field. Dr. Beach gave me complete peace of mind and I left her office feeling confident and relieved. The front desk receptionists were also lovely. I definitely recommend DermAtelier on Avenue if you’re looking for a dermatologist!


I received cosmetic procedures at DermAtelier with Dr. Beach. It was a positive experience; Dr. Beach was very professional, clear and thorough when discussing my treatment plan and knowledgable answering my pre and post treatment questions. She took her time during our visit, and I felt like my skin and face were in very skilled hands! The clinic environment and staff were very welcoming. Will definitely return to DermAtelier again!


Dr. Beach and her staff are amazing! They are always kind and courteous. I developed acne around my jawline from wearing my mask. Dr. Beach advised me on what products to use and their benefits. These products worked for me and my skin looks great! Thank you Dr. Beach!!


Following a my GP’s referral for a medical consultation, I had such a positive experience at DermAtalier I decided to opt for cosmetic services as well. In both cases, Dr. Beach was thorough, acutely knowledgeable, empathetic, friendly and answered all my questions. With respect to cosmetic services, she respected what I wanted addressed and the boundaries I set (no injectables… well for now). Elyse, the nurse/medical esthetician is knowledgeable and lovely. She also takes the time to answer all questions and concerns about my treatment. The front office team is equally friendly and welcoming. The clinic is bright and clean.


Our Team


Excellence-driven, Evidence-based, Expert Care

Renée A. Beach is a medical doctor (M.D.) with specialization in dermatology and a board-certified fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (F.R.C.P.C.). She established DermAtelier on Avenue with the goal of providing dermatologic expertise and excellence to patients of all skin types in a modern and comfortable setting.


Clinic Co-ordinator

Amanda’s diligence, professionalism, and organization helps to keep the engine of DermAtelier on Avenue running. (She is also known for having her favourite sayings – “not a problem”; “not my jam” and others – get adopted by the whole clinic



Concerns of a medical nature are insured through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and are available with a valid Ontario Health Card.
- Referral from your family physician or your nurse practitioner is required.