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Dr. Beach’s opinion is often sought to explain various skin conditions, demystify treatment products, and evaluate skin trends. Her clear communication style has led to a range of features in print, television and online media outlets including CTV, CBC, Elle, and Huffington Post, among others.

Sharing accurate, first-hand knowledge about skin health is not only a joy for her, but a way to enlighten and empower all of us – as patients, caregivers, and consumers. At DermAtelier on Avenue, your dermatology treatment will be based on evidence, safety and proven results that help you reach your skin goals.

Pregnancy Threw My Skin For a Loop — These Three Products Were My Saving Grace

Pregnancy is literally life-changing. And Skin Changing. Click here for “what to expect when expecting”, the skin edition.

Are personalized beauty products better than what I can find on the shelf?

Bespoke skincare? Exciting, Luxurious and… Unnecessary? Read on to find out.

The Serum & Clay Mask Combo That Helped My Acne Scars

If you remember the original face mask (the beautification kind!), read on for some tips to help optimize your next […]

8 Simple Tricks to Better Protect Yourself From the Sun

Read on for skin hacks and tips to help you be your best sun-protected self, courtesy of Dr. Beach. 

Pre-pandemic routines are returning, but bad beauty habits don’t have to

Lockdown is finally lifting! Learn how to optimize your skincare routine guided by Dr. Beach and other beauty industry insiders 

Spring Tuneup

Take a peek inside this skincare diary and gather a couple of upgrades for yourself, courtesy of Dr. Beach. 

Brittle No More

Dr Beach offered her best tips for protection of your hands and nails… until we can get manicures again

Nailed It

In collaboration with other aesthetic providers, Dr. Beach shares insight on how we can all protect our claws and paws.

How to fight ‘maskne’, mask-related breakouts

A candid chat with CTV’s ‘the Social’ hosts about Maskne – a creation of COVID-19

Clearing the Air (& the Face) of Maskne with CBC Kids!

‘Maskne’ knows no bounds – it’s even being reported in kids and teens.  Dr. Beach sat down for a chat […]

Three Ships Beauty – A Typically Untypical Day

We ask Dr. Beach “Do You Really Need a Day and Night Skincare Routine?”

Beautification Vacation

Yahoo! asks Dr. Beach if you should ditch make up if you’re social distancing at home. Read what she has […]

Live it or Learn It

‘Why isn’t Canada’s healthcare as diverse as its patients?’ Cultural Competence extends to Dermatology.

Keep Calm and Keep your Hair

“The 3 Main Reasons You Could Be Losing Your Hair”

☂️ + Physical Distancing + Sunprotection = Real MVPs

Dr. Beach speaks on how to effectively use umbrellas and parasols as an effective barrier against the sun’s rays.

Peels – Uncover some Truths!!

Why chemical peels are the secret to clear and healthy skin

Skin Routines from Key Dermatologists – Including Ours

Asked for her Day to Evening skin routine & skin care tips, Dr. Beach obliged. This is what works for […]

Spread the Word & Spread It On…

Your social circle will thank you. Learn about why it’s okay to use anti-perspirant. Dr. Beach addresses your concerns about […]

Why Sunscreens Make Some of Us 🙋🏾‍♀️ Look Ashy

Here are 10 mineral sunscreens ideal for brown skin. Welcome to seamless, see-through sunscreen (finally).

The “Essence” of Creamed & COVID-Free Hands

We all know that we’re supposed to wash our hands, even more so now. But what do we do with […]

Facial Wipes – Brilliance or Badness?!

Dr. Beach’s expert approach to makeup removal. She shares when to use facial wipes and some alternatives for make up […]

Activated Charcoal vs Retinol – No Contest!

Three underrated ingredients that Dr. Beach recommends, instead of activated charcoal, that do wonders for the skin.

What’s the Best Sunscreen for Black and Brown Skin?

Like Nike shoes for every size of foot 😉

You Can Put your Toner Down Now

Find out why you no longer (or ever?) need a toner. …And what you can upgrade to instead.

Shedding Hair Can be Normal – Until it’s Not

When is shedding hair a problem?

New doesn’t always mean “Bad” – your quickie skin tutorial

“Everything You Need To Know About That Weird Thing On Your Skin”

Both Itchy, But Different: Eczema & Psoriasis

“What’s the difference? And how are they treated?” Dr. Beach has the answers.

Tips to Avoid Mask-Based Acne, “Maskne”

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