Spider vein treatment is an injectable treatment known as sclerotherapy available in-office.  It involves injecting a solution into the tiny veins of the thighs to eliminate the vessels.  It’s a way to reduce the appearance of tiny vessels and regain the legs’ clear appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are spider veins?

  • These are the tiny vessels that form over time – they can appear after pregnancy or weight gain, or simply with time due to gravitational forces

Who gets spider veins?

  • They can happen to anybody, but they typically occur in individuals who spend a lot of time standing or after pregnancy or significant weight change

What is the downtime after spider vein treatment?

  • Downtime mostly relates to limiting activity after treatment to help avoid significant bloodflow that may cause veins to form.
  • There can be soreness and mild bruising of the sites treated.  This generally resolves in 1 – 2 weeks if it occurs.

Who is a good candidate for sclerotherapy?

  • While spider veins are not dangerous, they can be unsightly. You may be at a greater risk if you have been pregnant or spend a lot of time standing, or have a history of an injury to the leg. If you are bothered by the spider veins and you’re seeking improvement, please contact our office today to schedule your consultation appointment with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Beach to determine whether sclerotherapy is a good treatment option for you. 



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