Frequently Asked Questions

Why is laser hair removal used? 

  • This method of hair removal is used because it is effective and convenient.  It is also very comfortable with no downtime.
  • Laser hair removal when done correctly does not have any pain associated with it, in contrast to other forms of hair removal like electrolysis. 
  • The risk of pigmentation changes (redness or brown/ darker spots) at the site of hair removal is also minimal), especially when compared to other hair removal methods like waxing or threading.

What machines are at DermAtelier on Avenue? 

  • The machines at this clinic treat different hair colours and skin tones.
  • Depending on your hair type and colour, the service may be done with the NdYAG 1064nm: the Alexandrite 694nm; or light based therapies like IPL (intense pulsed light), 770nm 

How do I prepare for laser hair removal treatment?

  • Shave the site to be treated the day before your treatment session
  • Ensure that the site is free of any irritation or skin rash
  • You will be given a specific “pre-treatment sheet” with tips to use before starting therapy.

What is the downtime after laser hair reduction?

  • After treatment, the site may be red and swollen and feel a bit tender.  It is advised that you protect the site form sunlight and avoid heavy activity for 24 hours that would result in breaking a sweat.

What is the cost of laser hair reduction?

  • The cost of treatment is quoted at the time of your assessment to be as accurate as possible.  Treatment fees are based on the body site treated and the number of sessions required to notice permanent reduction in hairs. 
  • For example, treatment of the top lip/ moustache area costs $199 for a single session, or $900 for a package of 6 treatments.

Kindly contact the office to receive more details:  416. 787. 6060



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