Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Age spots?

  • “Age spots” is a general term that can refer to regular spots that occur on the body in adults – they can range from skin tags/ acrochordons to sun freckles/ lentignes to barnacles/ seborrheic keratoses 

Why do I get Age Spots?

  • They are generally associated with having mature skin.  Sometimes they occur at sites of friction like the neck or armpits or groin or breast fold (skin tags/ acrochordons; seborrheic keratoses).
  • Solar lentignes/ lentigos are caused by sun exposure, even if it was a long time ago

How can Age Spots be treated?

  • There are different forms of treatment and this will be decided based on your assessment.
  • Some treatment options include:  liquid nitrogen/ cryotherapy; electrodessication; excision; Nd YAG laser; IPL (intense pulsed light)

What is the downtime after Age Spot Treatment

  • After age spot treatment, the site may be red and swollen and feel tender
  • These changes can last for a few days.
  • If there are stitches in the skin, you will be advised on when the stitches can be removed

What is the cost of Age Spot Treatment?

  • The cost of Age Spot treatment is quoted at the time of your assessment to be as accurate as possible.  Treatments start at $150. 

Kindly contact the office to receive more details: 416. 787. 6060



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